Complicated Thoughts & Big Feelings


  • 6×9 inches – 120 pages – White paper
  • Inspirational rising phoenix design
  • Suitable for professional, business, school, church, home, or personal use
  • Available in paperback or hardcover
  • Non-perforated , non-numbered pages

Why settle for boring when you can have motivational, inspirational, and pretty? This PTSD Recovery Journal will help you rise from the ashes of trauma to a place of recovery and empowerment. This journal is designed for both men and women who are seeking relief from PTSD. The Phoenix rising from ashes theme represents the idea of rebirth and the power to rise above even the toughest of challenges.

There’s no need to censor or edit yourself in your writing. This journal is designed to give you a space to reflect and express your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly, allowing you to work through your trauma and all that comes with it in a safe and contained manner. Following the included success tips will help you dig deeper and get to the roots of things easier. Journaling is also a great tool to use in conjunction with therapy or coaching.

Product Features

  • 6x9 college-ruled lined journal notebook
  • 120 pages - White paper
  • Excellent PTSD relief item for women, men, or teens
  • Each page has a small tangled ball of thoughts in the corner that echos the cover and book theme
  • Non-perforated, non-numbered pages
  • Suitable for journaling and free writing
  • Ideal gift for a friend, mother, sister, daughter, and even yourself!

Trauma Recovery Journal

This slightly sarcastic lined journal notebook is designed specifically for those who are trying to soothe, process, or deal with very big things in their life. Whether you’re working through the grief process, in PTSD recovery, dealing with depression or anxiety, or perhaps even having some anger management issues, this book is for you.

The act of journaling can be a powerful tool in the process of trauma release and stress relief. Each page is lined to provide structure for your thoughts and feelings, while still allowing for creative expression. Use this notebook as a companion on your journey to healing and self-discovery.

Resist the urge to edit or censor yourself. Don’t worry about what other people will think or even if they will read what is written. Most likely, they never will. Just let your mind wander freely on the pages and give a voice to whatever emotions and thoughts want to come out.

This healing diary is meant to be a safe space for free writing in which you can explore and untangle all those complicated emotions and feelings and how whatever has happened to you in the past is affecting you now and how you will overcome it in the future. Because it’s a blank space just waiting to be filled, it also offers an opportunity to build self-awareness, practice self-compassion, and set goals for your future.

Get your copy today! Also, be sure to check out my entire collection of notebooks, journals, and workbooks.

You are capable of transforming your life!


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